With a mosque on almost every corner and halal friendly restaurants everywhere, Cape Town is the perfect destination for Muslim travelers.

As if tailor-made for halal tourism, all faith-conscious visiting Cape Town will definitely feel at home. In addition to all the wonder and beauty that this city has to offer, Cape Town sits on over two hundred years of rich Islamic heritage and history. In just one day, you can climb Table Mountain and be back in time to pray Maghrieb at Cape Town’s oldest Mosque – the Auwal Mosque.

Our Islamic tours will see you touring with other Muslims, as you move from mosque to Karamat. Cape Town is home to the ‘Ring of Karamats’ – a Karamat being a sacred burial space. Locals in Cape Town travel far and wide to visit these saintly men; this including Sheikh Yusuf, who many consider to be the father of Islam in the beautiful Cape. You can also choose to tour privately – with a group of friends or your family.

And of course, we’ll cover the basics. You can visit Cape Town’s highlights on our Islamic-friendly travel packages; this including the breathtaking Cape Peninsula, Simons Town, Kirstenbosch Gardens and many more.

The rich history means that Cape Town is home to thousands of Muslims, so you’ll never have to worry about details – such as halal food or accommodation – on your halal vacation. Whether in a guesthouse or hotel, shopping mall or our airport, a visit to Cape Town means access to prayer rooms and certified Halal restaurants.

Cape Town Explore – one of the best tour agencies for Mumin in Cape Town – makes all this possible and more! Islamic travel is easy with us, as we are a team of active and dynamic Muslims. Living in Cape Town for so many years has made us experts in its history, culture and most important sites. With us, you will discover the Islamic legacy of this city in its essence, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience on your halal holiday.

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